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Top Five Minecraft Dungeon Seeds
Published By Rodney Fisher on 2011-08-20 889 Views

This is part 3 of the Top 5 Minecraft Seeds, If you wish to see the previous part you can click here. Now these will be my top 5 favorite dungeon or cave Minecraft seeds. The dungeon and cave systems are good for finding good amount of resources. Now without further delay let us get started with the first Minecraft seed.

The first Minecraft seed of the day is the seed called meen. The reason why I chose this Minecraft seed is because it has a very large cave system. The best thing is the large cave systems are above land, which makes things more interesting when starting out. Because that means a good amount of creatures can spawn in the day such as creepers. Since it is dark in the caves they spawn there and if they see you they could potential sneak up on you and blow themselves up and killing you. This Minecraft seed you will have to keep aware of your surroundings for most of the time you are not in your house.

The second Minecraft seed for today is the seed called creepers. The reason why I chose this Minecraft seed is because of how many dungeons, and spawners usually spawn near you. The best part is it will mean a lot of mossy cobble stone, and other resources. This similar to the previous seed means you may have to worry about a good amount of creatures spawning and attacking you. It really all depends on where you spawn, and if you spawn near caves or in the caves.

The third Minecraft seed for today is the seed called Markus. This Minecraft seed is similar to the 404 seed except with gravel falling down the sand does instead. Which forms a cave system that will probably have a good amount of resources. Also it will more then likely contain at least 1 spawner inside the cave system so you will have to watch out. Another tip is watch out when you collapse the sand you may fall down a long ways and die. Other then that this will be a fun map to play if you want a lower chance of the cave system spawning creatures that can escape to the surface, and attack you.

The fourth Minecraft seed for today is the seed called 404. The 404 seed contains mountains and deep cavern system that you have to access by causing gravel to cave in downwards. However be cautious because if you fall in you could end up dead from a long fall down.

Also there might be creatures in the caves as well so it is best to be prepared when going into the cavern systems. You will also find a good amount of resources in the cavern systems such as exposed diamonds near lava and other kinds of resources.

The fifth Minecraft seed for the day is the seed called fossilhead. The fossilhead seed contains spawners and you may spawn inside a dungeon so that may make things interesting. On another note it will have valleys and areas with lava near the surface. The lava seems to be position right to allow you to harvest the items the enemies and live stock drop upon death from the lava. If you wish to go to the next part you can click here when it is posted.

Minecraft survival island seeds list 1.3.2.

Minecraft 1.3.2 jungle seeds.

Minecraft 1.3.2 seeds list updated.

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