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Top 5 MInecraft Mountain Seeds
Published By Rodney Fisher on 2011-09-13 674 Views

This is my top 5 Minecraft mountain seeds, and in my opinion is the best Minecraft mountain seeds out there. I would also like to point out this is my opinion of the top 5 Minecraft mountain seeds, and your opinion may or may not differ from my own. Now without further delay let us get on with the rest of the article.

The first Minecraft seed on my top 5 Minecraft mountain seeds list is "Jlacier". This seed name is almost identical to the famous Glacier Minecraft seed, but with just one letter changed. The reason why I prefer this seed is because it has some of the most amazing Mountain I have seen, and is fun to build bridges from mountain to mountain. Also it is slightly easier to find ores, and resources to start building some fun or amazing houses. Because this Minecraft seed in my opinion has some of the best places to build some amazing bases.

The second Minecraft seed on my list is the Minecraft seed "Glacier". The main reason why I enjoy these Minecraft seeds is because it contains some awesome mountain formations, and some floating islands. Which is one of the best places to make some creative bases, and can be fun to play on if you have the difficult on the hard. Although I admit when I first tried glacier I was expecting tons of ice, and snow. But this exceeds my expectations by far with all the amazing things you can build here if you are creative.

The third Minecraft seed on my top 5 Minecraft mountain seeds list is "Gargamel". Another famous Minecraft seed on my list, and for good reasons too. This Minecraft seed spawns you in a dungeon, but if you are able to escape you can seed some amazing mountain land formations making it another great place to build tunnel networks, and other amazing structures. Plus with Minecraft getting updated still it means we can still expect to see some other amazing structures we can make with this Minecraft seed.

The fourth Minecraft seed on my Minecraft seed list is "707". This Minecraft seed is a little different then the previous ones in the fact it has a peninsula with the amazing mountain formations. This one will be a pretty fun to play on not only could you have tunnel networks but you could also have underwater networks to increase the amount of structures you can build or create. However other then that it is not that much different the previous Minecraft seeds on the top 5 Minecraft mountain seeds list.

The fifth Minecraft seed on my top 5 Minecraft mountain seeds list is "1082820314". This Minecraft seed is a pretty fun seed since the mountains have a lot of over hangs, and cliffs on the mountain. Which can make it a little difficult for the spiders to climb up the mountain to attack you if your on top of the mountain. Also at the base of the mountains is a good amount of sand, and water making it so you could have a base at the base of the mountain meaning you could have some kind of huge fortress in, and on the Mountain.

I would like to thank you for reading my article, and would appreciated if you shared this with your friends. Also like I said before this is my personal opinion you may have a different opinion then me. I would suggest you check out some of my other Minecraft seed lists below, and have a nice day. http://sm825.hubpages.com/hub/Top-3-Minecraft-Island-seeds-132  

Minecraft 1.3.2 seeds list, collection of various biomes.

Minecraft 1.3.2 jungle seed with desert pyramid or temple.

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