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Top 5 Minecraft Beta 1.8 Seeds
Published By Rodney Fisher on 2011-09-16 493 Views

I am going to talk about my personal favorite or top 5 Minecraft beta 1.8 seeds. I would like to also point out that this top 5 minecraft beta 1.8 seeds article is my personal opinion, and yours may differ from my own. Anyways without further delay let us continue with the article.

The first minecraft seed on my top 5 minecraft beta 1.8 seed list is "-1767412485926484027". This seeds is a rather small to medium sized island, and could be a challenge to play on. This is kind of similar a survival island type seed, and is usually fun to play on. So basically play on this Minecraft island seed if you want to have a challenge.

The second Minecraft seed on my list is "3237958377357448450". This seed should start you off near a town or 2. But one is a rather small town, and the other should be decently big. The total amount of houses or structure should equal to about 10. This is for those who have been looking for a Minecraft seed that has some structures or houses when you spawn.

The next seed on my top 5 Minecraft beta 1.8 seeds list is "GREATEST SEED EVER". This is a very good seed for those who wish to play a survival island type world. This is one of my personal favorite seeds on the list since it can be a challenge to play on if your are new, and even for older players. I would really recommend to check this minecraft seed out since it contains what you would expect in a survival island type seed. Anyways let us continue with the next minecraft seed.

The fourth seed on my top 5 minecraft beta 1.8 beta seeds list is the seed "gimmeabreak". This Minecraft seed is another village type seed, and spawns you near about 3 or so villages. Although I do not know about how many structures there are in this one there still seems to be a good amount of them.

The last seed on my top 5 Minecraft beta 1.8 seeds list is the seed "-7883587130081366447". This Minecraft beta 1.8 seed is one of those seeds for stronghold adventurer type players. This spawns you relatively near a nearly untouched stronghold. Once you find this stronghold you will soon realizes is a very huge stronghold. Which means you could be making several trips back, and forth before you explore it all.

I would like to mention once again this article is my own opinion and you may have a different opinion then my own. I hope you enjoyed this article, and have a nice day. If you wish to view other Minecraft seed articles visit the links below. 

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