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Top 3 Minecraft Island Seeds
Published By Rodney Fisher on 2011-09-16 3404 Views

This is my top 3 Minecraft Island seeds, and this is my personal opinion, and your opinion may differ from my own. Also if you feel like commenting on your favorite Minecraft seeds feel free to do so. Anyways without further delay let us get on with the rest of the article.

The first minecraft seed on my top 3 minecraft island seed list is "-1767412485926484027". This seeds is a rather small to medium sized island, and could be a challenge to play on. This is kind of similar a survival island type seed, and is usually fun to play on. So basically play on this Minecraft island seed if you want to have a challenge.

The next seed on my top 3 Minecraft island seeds list is "GREATEST SEED EVER". This is a very good seed for those who wish to play a survival island type world. This is one of my personal favorite seeds on the list since it can be a challenge to play on if your are new, and even for older players. I would really recommend to check this minecraft seed out since it contains what you would expect in a survival island type seed. Anyways let us continue with the next minecraft seed.

The last Minecraft seed on my top 3 minecraft seed list is "DoubleRainbow". This seed has spawned me a pretty small desert island but had about 3 other small islands nearby as well. Which is pretty cool having small island chain nearby the island you spawn on. Also somewhere underground I am unable to remember the coordinates there is this massive underground dungeon or cave system. It was big enough for me to use about 10 stacks of 64 torches, and I would recommend you to leave some kind of bread crumb type trail. Otherwise you will more then likely die or get lost for a long time.

I hope you have enjoyed my top 3 Minecraft island seeds, and have a nice day. Also I would like to point out these Minecraft seeds list is my personal opinion, and you may have a different opinion. You may not get the same spawn I got right away so you may have to restart a few times to get the right spawn. Finally, if you wish to check out more Minecraft seeds you can check out the links below. Best Survival island Minecraft 1.3.2 seeds

Minecraft 1.3.2 survival island with Mineshaft seed.

Top 5 Minecraft 1.3.2 seeds.

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